Novas informações sobre Super Street Fighter IV Arcade

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por Barry Burton

Oficialmente anunciados para a galeria de personagens de SSFIV, Yun e Yang puderam ser testados por alguns jogadores em evento fechado da Capcom. Confiram o vídeo em péssima qualidade abaixo:

Entrementes, os diversos jogadores, presumidamente pros, já começaram a divulgar as mudanças notadas em cada personagem, inclusive dos gêmeos. Como tudo discutido aqui é muito alto-nível para a maioria dos jogadores, fiquei com preguiça não vi a necessidade de traduzir. Lembrem-se que é tudo muito especulativo e pode ser que não sejam ainda as mudanças definitivas!

Leiam após o pulo!

Notícia original no eventhubs. Agradeço ao leitor André pelo toque!


• Yun’s Super is the infamous Genei Jin (Custom Combo) from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, it’s performed with a 2x quarter-circle back motion, and can be Canceled into from his Palm.

• The Genei Jin has the trailing shadows you remember and he can Cancel the recovery on all moves, plus everything juggles. A few players were able to land combos that took off 40-50% of their opponent’s life, and went up to 50-60% when they had them cornered. Also, this can be Super Canceled into off of Yun’s Shoulder Attack.

• Ultra 1 is his You Hou, it hits four times, but the last hit is a Launcher. If the first hit connects cleanly, he will go into animation. If not, Yun does the other attacks anyway, like Makoto’s Ultra 2. This can be Focus Attack Dash Canceled into from his Shoulder Attack. He can also follow up an Ultra 1 with his Lunge Punch or Genei Jin combos, but only if you activate before you land the Ultra 1.

• Ultra 2 is a punch rush, if the final hit connects cleanly Yun goes into animation where he rides his opponent in the air like a skateboard, then kicks them down to the ground. This does not combo from any Focus Attack Dash Cancels because of its short range.

• All Yun’s specials from Third Strike are in the game. Including his Palm, Flip Grab, Dragon Kicks, Shoulder Attack, etc. Light Punch Palm is a fake, Medium and Hard change the distance the opponent flies away. This move has a really big hit box.

• It doesn’t seem possible to Focus Attack Dash Cancel Yun’s Dragon Kicks, or the timing is weird.

• His Dive Kick is good, but you cannot do it as close to the ground as Rufus can. Also, like in Third Strike, the button pressed when doing this move determines the angle it comes in at.

• Overhead, Toward + Medium Kick, can crossup a grounded opponent.

• Yun’s Shoulder Attack seems to have worse range than you’d think. His Dragon Kicks also seemed to trade quite a bit, but the EX version looks like it will be good anti air.

• Yun has his Third Strike target combos.

• Some players have claimed Yun feels “sluggish” like Makoto in SSF4.

• Yun’s Ultras do not combo off his Standing Medium Kick Launcher.

• Color 1 is blue, Color 2 is yellow.


• Yang’s command dash was in and crossed up like Ibuki’s in SSF4.

• His EX Fist Slashes looked like a great move, crazy fast. It’s really easy to combo into his regular Fist Slashes as well, as the window between each hit is fairly lengthy.

• He also has his Third Strike target combos.

• Yang’s Ultra 1, Raishin Mahhaken, makes him throw out a single attack — if it connects cleanly, animation follows. If not, the ultra ends there — similar to Makoto’s Ultra 1. This will only connect from close range.

• Ultra 2, Tenshin Senkyuu, makes Yang roll forward along the ground and then go up in the air with a rising kick. If he connects cleanly on the ground with the roll portion, the rest of the animation kicks in. This Ultra will pass under fireballs and it has some tracking properties. If his Ultra 2 is started while the opponent is in the air, Yang will rise up with kicks where they’re jumping, but in this scenario it won’t lead to full damage. This can be comboed into off of a Focus Attack Dash Cancel or Medium Kick Launcher for less damage, again it won’t connect fully in these situations.

• Yang’s Super is his Seiei Enbu (Custom Combo) from Third Strike. Works much the same way, but not as good as Yun’s.

• Yang can do his Dragon Kicks, Focus Attack Dash Cancel into EX Fist Slashes. Crouching Medium Kick Canceled into Fist Slashes also works.

• Yang’s Dive Kick is the same as Yun’s, or at least very close to it. The angle his Dive Kick comes in at is decided by the button you press, just like in Third Strike.

• Yang’s Palm move has a really big hit box, and it can knock out fireballs still. EX Palm performs a wall bounce, but couldn’t connect Ultra 2 afterwards — this could have been a timing issue.

• Yang’s Ultra 1, during start up, lost to T. Hawk’s Rising Hawk but beat his 360 command grab.

• His Focus Attack looks similar to the 2 hit overhead move that Gen has.

• Yang can anti air with his Roll Kick and then Focus Attack Dash Cancel into his Ultra 2. Looks like a decent anti air option so far, similar to what Adon can do.

• Color 1 is pinkish, Color 2 is purple.


• His Tornado Throw (Command Grab) does less damage.

• More recovery time on his Ultra 2, Breathless.

• His Roll has a bit more recovery.


• Ultra 2 is faster and apparently can be comboed into from a Shoryuken, Focus Attack Dash Cancel.

• EX Dragon Punch damage reduced.

• Hard Punch Red Fireball damage increased.

• May have slower walk speed. Akuma was tied for fastest walk speed in the game in SSF4.

• Air Hurricane Kicks are no longer as effective for escaping bad situations. If these are done in the air before hitting the peak of the jump, they’ll become floaty and go nowhere. If you’re at the peak of the jump or on your way down, they work pretty much the same. Crossing up with a Hurricane Kick still works, though.


• Walk speed is faster.

• EX Zonk Knuckle doesn’t travel as far.

• The hitbox on his Hard Ruffian Kick looks like it’s better. A player was able to hit Zangief with it while he was crouching, and this doesn’t connect in the console version of SSF4.

• Medium Ruffian Kick travels a longer distance.

• Regular Zonk Knuckle cannot be Focus Attack Dash Canceled.


• Dudley had an EX version of his “Ducking” attack added. This is where he slides forward and can punch or uppercut, it lacks Super Armor. This travels the same distance as the Hard Kick version, but recovers almost instantly, so if you go through a fireball, you have a lot of options open to you.

• Crouching Hard Kick (Launcher) has a faster start up time.

• Jumping Hard Kick knocks down now in air-to-air situations.

• Dudley’s rose taunt has less recovery.

El Fuerte

• El Fuerte Ultra Spark (Ultra 2) damage reduced.

• No longer has invincibility on any Habanero Dash moves that go up in the air.

• Far Standing Hard Kick may have a better hit box.

E. Honda

• Overall damage has been reduced.

• It may be harder to combo into his Hundred Hand Slaps.

• Ultra 2 Oicho Throw has had its command changed from a 720 rotation to a 2x half-circle back motion.


• Gouken’s Light Rush Punch has no forward movement, but it’s faster.

• Gouken’s counter move (Kongo) has been changed. It’s now done with a reverse Dragon Punch motion with Punch. Light Punch deflects low attacks, Medium Punch for high and what Hard Punch does is still unclear.

• The EX version of Gouken’s counter hit (Kongo) is unchanged. The Hard Punch version has the same animation as the EX.


• Hit box on Medium Punch, Hard Punch chain combo was fixed, it no longer will miss against players who are crouching.

• Hard Punch Dashing Elbow is faster and it’s easier to hit characters out of their fireballs with it. Light Punch Dashing Elbow is now safe on block against Zangief and T. Hawk’s 360 command grabs.

• Some properties for his Ultra 2 have been improved. Less recovery time and the distance on it was fixed, so it’s very comparable to Rose’s normal throw range. According to one player, this is the Ultra of choice now, period. Another report came in that said the damage this does has been reduced.

• Flip Grab damage decreased. 120 instead of 200. Also, the window where you can grab the other player with the Medium and Hard versions has been shortened.

• His slide is faster, although some players said this wasn’t the case.

• Toward + Medium Punch overhead hits twice.

• Guy seems a lot better overall.


• Hakan’s Oil Shower stacks, i.e. it can be applied multiple times, which adds to the overall time it stays on.

• Capcom also gave him a Kick follow up after performing his Oil Shower.

• Hakan’s 360 command grab with Kick can be canceled. This is where he runs in place and if you let go of the button he attempts to jump towards his opponent and grab them.

• His Slide has now two options afterwards. Pressing Punch does an additional attack you’ve seen before, but pressing a Kick button oils him up. Also, he can reportedly combo Standing Light Kick into his Slide, if he’s oiled up.

• Jump arc may have been changed.


• Makoto’s EX Dash Punch (Hayate) breaks armor now.

• She has slightly faster walk speed.

• Her Axe Kicks are more like they were in Third Strike.

• Fukiage (Upwards Punch) takes off more life. The hitbox for this may have been improved, but this is not conclusive so far.

• EX Overhead Chop (Oroshi) has more invincible frames.


• Tiger Uppercut damage increased.

• More recovery time on his Tiger Knee.

• Standing Light Kick from Vanilla SF4 is back. It’s one hit, can be Canceled into special moves, has a bigger hit box and takes off roughly 40 damage.

• Light Kick Tiger Knee is more like Vanilla SF4. Some people say his Medium and Hard Tiger Knees are useless now.

• More recovery time on High Tiger Shots. His fireball game is a lot worse than it was.

• Angry Scar is now executed with a Kick button.


• Seth’s Jumping Hard Punch is gone, the stretchy arm one copied from Dhalsim. Now Seth does something like Guile’s Crouching Hard Punch.

• Down + Medium Kick in the air (toe taps) had their hitbox weakened, so it’s more difficult to connect.

• Ultra 1 is now ‘fireball-like’, so it can be deflected by other character’s projectiles.

• His Dive Kick is faster.

• Seth may have had his stamina (hit points) increased.

• Many people are saying Seth is like a new character now.

T. Hawk

• T. Hawk has a stand alone EX Condor Dive (3x Kick), which can be done while jumping backwards. You no longer have to perform this as part of his EX Rising Hawk.

• Ultra 2 (Raging Slash) has a faster startup time or extended range, probably the latter.

• Standing Hard Punch might have a better hit box.


• Vega’s EX Scarlet Terror (Flip Kick) is a viable reversal now. First hit can be Focus Attack Dash Canceled, but 3rd frame is not airborne anymore so it cannot hit further.

• His EX Wall Dive grab does less damage.

• Backdash weakened.

• Forward dash may be faster.


• Zangief’s EX Green Hand no longer knocks down and this puts him in range to set up for another grab. On hit, it also leaves him at a slight frame advantage. Some people say the EX Green Hand still knocks down on Counter Hit, though.

• Range on his Ultra 2 was increased — A LOT — but so was the recovery time. This also travels horizontally now, so it can even grab people jumping away.

• Light Punch Spinning Piledriver may have more grab range as well.

• The range on his Short Jump seems to be shorter, although this is not conclusive yet.

• 3x Punch Lariat has a better hitbox.

• A Zangief player (defender) who’d just been hit by an EX Green Glove did a Spinning Piledriver that beat out another Gief’s (attacker) Spinning Piledriver.

Other Characters

• Adon doesn’t get up as quickly after a knock down now, although it still seems to be quicker than other characters. EX Jaguar Tooth doesn’t do the yellow glow, like other EX moves, until after you reach the wall. Not sure what effect this has, if any, on the move.

• Ryu’s Air Hurricane Kicks are no longer as effective for escaping bad situations. If it’s done in the air before hitting the peak of the jump, it’ll become floaty and go nowhere. If you’re at the peak of the jump or on your way down, it works pretty much the same. Crossing up with a Hurricane Kick still works, though.

• Balrog’s Dirty Bull Ultra 2 is now a double half-circle back motion instead of a 720.

• Blanka bounces away about half the distance he used to after a blocked Beast Roll, making it much easier to punish. Azrael saw a Sakura player walk up after a blocked ball and punish it with a Crouching Medium Kick, Canceled into her Dragon Punch. If his Beast Roll hits, Blanka bounces away the same distance as before.

• Cammy’s normal moves are easier to combo with now, but Tiger Knee (instant) Canon Strikes are no longer possible. Can still Canon Strike normally, and the EX version can still be Tiger Kneed (done instantly). Spiral Arrow’s distance to get 2 hits is shorter.

• Chun-Li’s Crouching Hard Kick sweep doesn’t do as much stun. The hit box for her Overhead Flip Kick (Hazan Shuu) was nerfed.

• Dan gets more height off of his air taunt. Big whoop.

• Dee Jay’s Standing Hard Kick is an overhead now. A few players are saying his EX fireball is about as fast as Guile’s EX Sonic Boom now. Some people have said this is bull crap, though.

• Dhalsim’s Yoga Fireballs may not build as much meter as before.

• Fei Long’s Hard Kick Chicken Wing no longer has any invincibility.

• Gen’s normal moves are supposedly easier to combo with. His Ultra 2, Teiga (Double QCF 3x Kick) is faster. Gen’s EX Hands still leaves the opponent very far away.

• Guile’s Sonic Boom no longer builds Super meter, but another player jumped on later and refuted this claim, while yet another said it just builds less meter overall, so this is definitely up for debate. A damage nerf was also rumored, but a number have players have said Guile felt like he was more or less the same, so this may not have happened either.

• Juri’s Fireball launches her opponent higher into the air so they can be juggled after it hits, but this only be for the anti air version. Supposedly the Kick part of this move can combo easier with the Fireball as well.

• Ken’s EX Hurricane Kick can be blocked low. He has more recovery on his Light Dragon Punch, but can juggle after a Light anti-air Shoryuken with an EX Fireball, just like Ryu.

• M. Bison’s Ultra 2 is now a charge motion with way more recovery. It’s performed by doing a Back then Forward command twice with 3x Punch.

• Rose’s Ultra 2 (orbs) are no longer invincible, although it’s up for debate as to exactly what this means. She supposedly has a faster Focus Attack as well.


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  • 1. maxi2099  |  setembro 14, 2010 às 12:07 am

    Os air combos voltaram, só falta agora incluírem o Oro, aí a festa vai ser completa.
    Pena que não despioraram o cross counter do Dudley, eu preferia ele igual no 3 e o ducking mais difícil de atravessar projéteis (mas ainda bom como um mini anti-aéreo) do que o contrário.

  • 2. Yun & Yang mostrados direito «  |  setembro 18, 2010 às 11:23 am

    […] fossem incluídos isso seria feito por download de conteúdo nos consoles. Mas depois da extensa lista de mudanças de TODOS os personagens e do fato de que estarão presentes mais 6 lutadores novos, eu colocaria a mão no fogo para falar […]


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